Event Calendar: Past Events

Nov 17 to Nov 18 '20
11 AM Tuesday to 4:30 PM Wednesday

The Monitoring Association’s 2020 Tech Summit  (Virtual) Click here f

Nov 12 '20
2:00 pm (Eastern)

NetOne IT leaders are invited to gather virtually for an informal online discussion.

Nov 9 to Nov 12 '20
1 PM Monday to 3:00 PM Thursday

The Monitoring Association’s 2020 Fall Operations Management Seminar  (Virtual) 

Nov 5 '20
2:00 pm (Eastern)

OPT presented their suite of services available to NetOne member companies

Oct 28 '20
4:00 pm (Eastern)

Matt Narowski reviewed the 3rd quarter report distributed the week of October 19th, to all NetOne users of Bold Group.

Oct 27 to Oct 29 '20
!1:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day

The Monitoring Association’s 2020 Annual Meeting (Virtual) Click here for more info

Oct 20 to Oct 22 '20
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm (Eastern) on 10/20 and 10/22

Business writers seeking to convey information and create action more effectively for business should participate in this program.

Oct 15 '20
2:00 pm (Eastern)

NetOne IT leaders gathered virtually for an informal online discussions.

Oct 14 '20
2:00 pm (Eastern)

Curious about FieldHub? Watch this Webinar

Sep 29 '20
2:00 pm (Eastern)

Learn about the new vendor SentryCard Techologies and their product offering, the Biometric SentryCard. Download the Reseller Agreement below.