Jan 16 to Jan 17 '19
Starts 8:00 AM Wed -Ends 4:30 PM Thurs (Arrival 15th)

This 2-Full Day program begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 4:30 PM each day. 


Nov 13 to Nov 14 '18
Starts 8:00AM Tues-Ends 12:00PM Wed
Human Resources leaders will share ideas, best practices and discuss trends.
Oct 23 to Oct 24 '18
Starts 8:00AM Tues-Ends 12:00PM Wed

We are excited to extend an invitation to all Operations Leaders to join us for another Best Practices Meeting.

Sep 18 '18
2 PM (Eastern)

Competitive options for Security Awareness Training for 2019 will be presented in separate Webinars

May 22 to May 23 '18
Starts 8:00am Tues Ends 12:00pm Wed


May 9 to May 10 '18
8:00AM Wed-12:00PM Thurs

Starts at 8:00 AM Wednesday ends 12:00 Noon Thursday


Mar 11 to Mar 15 '18
Starts 3:00 PM Sun-Ends 12:00 PM Thurs

We are planning another awesome Grand Champion experience!

Feb 26 '18
1:00pm (Eastern)

As recently announced, Perennial Software is now part of the EverCommerce family of companies.  

Feb 21 to Feb 22 '18
Starts 12:00PM Wed - Ends 12:00PM Thurs

Board of Directors will hold a work session.